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Thread: bell and carlson uk stockists

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    bell and carlson uk stockists


    Looking for one of these for a Tikka t3, not seen anything recently on here, but a UK stockists or alternatively if someone has imported if they can tell me through who etc.


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    Bell and Carlson Sporter Stocks - Tikka Arms | Red Hawk Rifles

    Took 15 days from purchase
    Couldn't find a UK stockist but maybe someone else knows of a UK dealer or trade member on here.
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    Talk to Red Hawk Rifles: Bell and Carlson stocks | Red Hawk Rifles They are very helpful.

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    is it just a cosmetic thing ,or do they add to accuracy and feel nicer.

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    Well, I don't like the Tikka stock, tried a grs one in the shop and it was lovely, but the best part of 500. I have a bell and Carlson on another rifle. It's a new rifle, so I'll try it at the range and if it groups well, then there may be no need to change!

    Thanks for the link guys

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    Emailed redhawk they have said they have stopped shipping to the uk! Typical...maybe a Boyds then

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    Does b and K up Newcastle not do them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit Country View Post
    Talk to Red Hawk Rifles: Bell and Carlson stocks | Red Hawk Rifles They are very helpful.
    I just asked them earlier today and was told that they didn't ship internationally, so either they've changed their policy, or it wasn't their brightest member of staff I got hold of.

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