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Thread: .308 re-list

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    .308 re-list

    Relisting this as rifle is now being sold on it's own, but includes the leupold 1 piece base and 1" rings if wanted.


    Short Mauser 98 action with swept back bolt handle, checkered underneath.

    24" barrel inc. tenon

    Good rifling, two small areas of pitting but nothing affecting accuracy, rifle cloverleafs with factory ammo and has plenty of life left.

    Rifle comes with a Timney Featherweight Deluxe trigger.

    350 + 15 P&P

    I have a small handful of RWS 150g 'ers and almost a full box of sako 123g SP's, plus 50x nosler partitions in 150g (bullets) I can chuck in for an additional 40, as well as any .308 once fired brass I have, mostly RWS .Attachment 52661

    Now if that's not a bargain!

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    Could also re-barrel this with an almost new 7x57 (7mm Mauser) I have in stock. Also with front and rear sights. Would make an awesome rifle.

    Would need re-proof of course, as well as re-bluing of the barrel, so price would be a bit higher. Stock could also be re-finished at the same time.

    Just a thought.

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    righty, make me an offer I can't refuse

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    Peter - Can you please ring me regards the rifle build? Bill
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    Is it screwcut? I may have an opportunity for red but would need to change .270 for 308. The limited opportunity does not need a replacement for my Sauer.

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    this will be staying as .308 for misc. reasons, geniunely sorry to those asking about a rebarrel to 7x57.

    Price 'as is' is 350 plus shipping if needed.

    Jimbo, PM'd you.

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    Thanks for the kind offer. Cheque in the post tomorrow and will collect when the variation comes through. Need to find a one inch scope to put on top of it.

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