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Thread: Newbie from down under

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    Newbie from down under

    Hi guys,

    Im one of the seemingly millions of aussies that have relocated to London from Australia. I've been a keen hunter my entire life and would like to continue doing so during my time here in the UK as well as just generally learn more about your hunting culture here and possibly get to know some of you guys aswell.

    In the short term I just plan to catch many of the hunt reports that get posted up here and learn as much as i can about the various seasons, hunting styles and game that the UK has to offer, if this can lead to the odd hunt here and there then all the better!

    So, lets get into it!

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    welcome to the asylum

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    Good day cobba. Sorry couldn't resist!

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    Hi Dan,

    Welcome to the UK mate. where are you from in Oz and How long have you been here in UK? I'm a kiwi, been here for 13yrs but also lived in Melbourne for 8yrs. What sort of hunting did you do in Oz and what are you wanting to hunt over here?
    too many questions. Drop me a PM and maybe we can meet up for a beer in London some time and swop notes.

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