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Thread: Blaser R8 Barrel spec

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    Blaser R8 Barrel spec

    Now that I have decided to go the dark side..
    I am going to buy an R8 pro success, but they have a few barrel choices available..
    Standard weight, Mid weight and Heavy match barrels with the extra fluting also offered
    As these guns are very accurate out of the box is it worth upgrading the barrel from standard? will I see extra accuracy from the investment..
    I am a fan of a fluted barrel more for looks than anything else..
    I will most lightly go for a .243 rifle first, for some varminting, foxes, muntjac & roe then thinking 6.5x55 barrel for larger UK deer(not a big fan of recoil Swed is pleasant to shoot)
    then at a later date pick up a 3006 or 7mm? barrel for boar etc for that odd occasion... then I will be covered for everything

    So please give me your thoughts

    Cheers Tikka595

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    First welcome to the darkside
    As for barrel spec I went 243 and 30 .06 this covers about everything
    I have the standard weight barrels on mine which balance up nicely
    but as you say I do like the look of the fluted version
    If that's what you like then go for it
    regards pete

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    I've got a mauser m03 in 6.5x55 std barrel 17mm which is fine for stalking 3-4 shot group no problem
    if I was to buy a bigger cal like 375 and upwards I'd go 19mm heavy with iron sights no mod

    i thaught there were only 2 sizes 17mm std and 19mm heavy but you can choose fluted in both and thread or no thread and iron sights on both

    fluted barrels are are usually double the cost of a std

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    i have a 243 and a 308. am in the middle of adding a 375

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    Bear in mind that if you want different weights of barrel you will also need different stocks for the profile, i have 30.06 and 7mm rem mag in standard barrel at 24 and 26 inch both balance very well with an ASE Utra on them.

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    Std barrel is just as good as the rest. Try a 243 and a 7x64 that will cover everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnraider View Post
    Bear in mind that if you want different weights of barrel you will also need different stocks for the profile, .
    Standard barrel fits in the semi weight barrel stock, no problem, but not the other way around.

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    I've not long had my R8 and went through the same torment when deciding which barrel to choose. The fluted is nice but won't improve accuracy. With a 500 premium for the fluting I decided against it, particularly because the moderator would cover a good part of it. I can't comment on the semi weight, but I felt that the main reasons for my choosing an R8 was because of the balance and light weight, so didn't see the need to add weight to the barrel. I don't regret getting the std profile and I'm really pleased with it.



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    My first R93 was a 300WM in a standard profile. I then added a 243, 308, 223, 22-250 with the heavy match barrel for the simple reason that I wanted the heavy barrel. I then added another 300WM, 222Rem and 9.3x62 in semi weight for driven hunting (the 222 is for practice) Finally I bought a 375H&H for Africa which comes in a heavy profile. All are super accurate. As others have mentioned, get a stock that will accept all profiles, because a stock fitted to accommodate a standard barrel will not accommodate the semi weight or match barrel.

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    Personally I prefer the standard barrels as they balance the rifle perfectly and keep the rifles overall length very compact.
    Carrying a Blaser with a standard barrel is much more comfortable and quicker to point than a rifle with an ordinary bolt action.
    I shoot 223, 6XC, 7x64, and 9.3x62 all in standard profile and all are incredibly accurate without any mucking around, with factory ammunition.
    I had a rifle range scientist explain to me very adamantly recently at the range, that a Blaser could not possibly hold it's point of impact because you are removing the barrel, and the action bolts are not consistently tightened to the same tension each time the barrel is refitted.
    My brother then sat down and shot a 19mm group of five shoots, with RWS factory ammunition, 173grain soft points.
    Between each shot he removed the barrel and scope.
    My brother being the smartarse that he is then said to him "now let's pull your target rifle apart four times and see how it shoots".

    The standard barrels are very good.

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