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Thread: Sika and red hind stalking

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    Sika and red hind stalking

    Hi all,Just to share with you guys my recent experience. Myself and 4 friends travelled 7+1/2 hours upto sutherland in Scotland. The guys had gone up for 3 days stalking, but I was sharing one of the guys stalking because he was supposed to have to go to work for a few days. The work never came of but we still shared his stalking. On the first day there was about a foot of snow in the forestry blocks which made the going very noisy,only 1 sika hind was shot on the first day. Over night there was a big thaw and 90 percent of the snow disappeared and the temperature rose to 6 degrees. Over the next two days we saw a lot more deer and managed to bag 3 red hinds,1red calf,1 sika calf and 10 sika hinds. I got 1 red hind and 2 sika hinds from 4 stalks. Mark got 1 red hind from 4 stalks. Eddy got 1 sika hind from 6 stalks. Keith got 1 sika hind from 6 stalks. Craig got 1 red hind,1 red calf and 7 sika hinds from 6 stalks. A great time was had by all. Many thanks to Adam the stalking guide for his help in extracting the beasts(in some hard to get to rides due to fallen trees) and all his knowledge. This was only my 3rd time stalking,one of which was at the same place in December of 2013 when I managed to get 4 sika hinds over 3 days.

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    sounds like you all had a plentyfull trip well done to all concerned,doug,

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    That's a fare old haul for all of you well done.


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    Thanks for the kind words. I can never get my head around how hard the sika are,they still try and regularly make it to the wood. Hardy animals.

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