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Thread: New scope or moderator?

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    New scope or moderator?

    hello all, i purchased a sako AII in february and absolutely love it! it came complete with sako mounts and a simmons 3-9x40 scope. although recently to my annoyance i found out that this was not good enough for the low light conditions that i would be stalking in, through the binoculars, clear as day, 2 fine roe does. through my scope, not visible enough to take the shot ended up borrowing my mates Tikka T3 synthetic with bipod and S&B and T8 mod.

    so i have decided to upgrade. what do you think i will get for the trade in value for my current scope? along with 100 of my own, i recently won 200 on the lottery ( ) so is an ideal time.

    Do I: A)- upgrade the scope first with the 300 that i have + the trade in value of the scope.

    B)- get my rifle screw cut and proofed with a T8 for 300 and make do with the optics for a while?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think a good scope is more important than a mod, as long as you look after your ears with plugs! If you prefer to shoot without hearing protection then go for the mod first as it will do you a lot more favours in the long run!

    Either way I will stick my neck on the block on one subject. Don't buy a T8! There are a few mods available for similar money that are much better (the Wildcat P8 is like a T8 but strippable for cleaning). T8s can rust out very quickly if you don't spend your whole life spraying oil in them! Also look at the Ase Utra Northstar. More money, but a mod that will last for a lifetime on the average stalking rifle! The T8 was designed to be a disposable tool for the military and as such I don't feel that they are that good an investment. There are a lot of better deals around these days!

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    go with the mod, you cannot replace your hearing!


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    surely it depends on the calibre? And if you had time, couldn't you put ear muffs on/ear plugs in? You could always go a second hand mod later, seems like they can be had for ~100.

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    As NJC said, forget the old style T8s. I've got rid of all of mine and use ASE Utra Jet-Z Compact, which should last for a long long time. There are several good mods out there and lots of chat elsewhere on the forum about the best ones.

    Both mod and good 'scope are important, but it seems that your immediate issue is with the Simmons 'scope. You can survive without the mod for now, but if your 'scope is **** then you wont be able to use the rifle at all. Think about going for a decent secondhand 'scope like a Meopta 7x50 or a European brand 6x or 8x. Remember that if you go for a 30mm tube or a large objective then you may need new mounts and they can be expensive (another 100ish perhaps).

    There was a 7x50 meopta in the Classifieds section for 200 a wee while ago. I rate them - solid and clear with good reticles.

    It's all down to budget and as important as a good mod is you seem to need a decent 'scope first.

    Just bought another old Sako this week - an AII in .308. It's off to Rhino Rifles this week to be screwcut for a Jet-Z.
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    +1 for the Jet Z and after having a T8 for some years i wouldnt go back..

    You might also like to take a look at the Docter scopes as a preferance over a mod..

    Great scope for the money..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    do you think that i will need new mounts for a somethingx50? i am beggining to think that the optics could be key. its a .243 AII. although it is so much easier to be accurate at longer ranges with a mod.

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    There is an S&B 7 x 50 in the clasified page for 310, just serviced you won't go wrong with that glass. And No I'm not the one selling it!

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    we have a meopta artemis 2000 7x50 brand new on your doorstep for 320

    steve hunter

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterscabin View Post
    we have a meopta artemis 2000 7x50 brand new on your doorstep for 320

    steve hunter
    In that case either the new Meopta cracking glass new at a great price, great in low light (I have one) or the S&B and you will be happy for years.
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