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Thread: Funding request

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    Funding request

    Hi all,

    Firstly a big thank you to the SD management who have been kind enough to allow me to post a funding request for a little project I am hoping to run.

    I'm a teacher, and I'm looking at helping youngsters get into fly fishing by providing them with a number of opportunities at the group of schools where I work.

    Parental donations will largely cover licensing and fishery costs (which I hope to negotiate), but I'm currently trying to raise some funding to buy some sets of gear for the students to use and some fly tying equipment so they can try that too.

    For a bit more detail about the project, my funding page is Cast the Fly - Fishing Experience

    If anyone is able to support my little project in any way, it would be most appreciated.

    As a little thank you from myself, I would like to put names in the hat for anyone who donates 5 or more though my funding page, drawing one name out and offering them a days pheasant shooting next season (approx 60 bird day) on my syndicate shoot.



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    Drop me your address bud I'll send you 10 cash mate, some good deads been done on this forum for my wee girls charity for LUPUS so kind is kind,

    And I don't need to come shooting I get enough here at Highclere castle,

    Only to happy to help when I can and when I have a few bob,

    WARNING: LUPUS IS A KILLER, lets support them in the need to find out what it is, what causes it and how do we defeat it. Donating to LUPUS UK | LUPUS UK

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    Very kind of you Bob.


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    Hi Stu.
    My local fishing club have just gone down the same route. There are grants to be had for purchasing the equipment (rods, reel and lines etc) when it is for the benefit of school children. I have a club management meeting tomorrow night and will ask the secretary where we obtained our grant. Hope that will help offset the cost for you. Gaz

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    That would be great Gaz.

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    Donation made; good luck with a very worthy cause.

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    You are most generous.



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    There's no paypal address on there buddy ? Went to donate and couldn't.

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    If anyone wished to donate via PayPal, please pm me directly.



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