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Thread: 3 things that pi$$ you off?

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    3 things that pi$$ you off?

    Could be titled Grumpy Old Man thread?
    1. Smokers
    2. Men wearing short sleeved shirts with ties
    3. Number plates cut down to an inch of their lives
    Sad eh?

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    Scrounging immigrants.
    Potholes in the road.
    Theresa May.

    I could give you plenty more

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    Wasting 12 billion plus a year on "foreign Aid" when practically everything back in the UK is subject to cuts. ("call me Dave" unbelievably wants the foreign aid budget ring fenced and enshrined in law)

    FEO's seemingly inventing their own interpretation of GOOD REASON rather than correctly applying the official guidelines.

    Political correctness gone mad.( human rights laws/ immigration/ ethnic minorities / gay marriage etc etc)
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    sabre rattling drongoes called dave who are cutting the military down so even the boy scouts could take over.councils wasting 45 million on an office refurb then blaming the goverment when they cant meet the wage bill.and 5% of the population controlling the other 95% beause british politicians have all been spayed and or neutered

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    1. Lowland Winters without snow.
    2. The Swiss franc
    (Swiss franc turmoil leaves exporters on the downhill slope - Telegraph)
    3. People with no idea what a handkerchief is.


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    People that want to live off the state and put nothing in.
    People using a .17 for deer at night.

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    Oooh, what fun.

    I was going to go all intellectual and put:
    1. Politicians who believe being a "political advisor" somehow qualifies as a job in the real world
    2. Politicians who can't grasp the notion that the public sector doesn't actually generate any revenue
    3. Politicians who think that the taxation of businesses and individuals is a bottomless pit to be mined for their vanity projects

    But then realised that, whilst these indeed might p*$$ me off, I have little influence in resolving them. Therefore I decided to go more mainstream:

    1. Those pages in a newspaper or magazine that stick together
    2. Going to the pot of peanut butter at breakfast and finding it's empty
    3. Getting in the car to drive to the airport at 04:00 in the morning and remembering that I forgot to fill it with petrol the night before
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    1Going for a sh@t to find the paper is all used

    2 Going shooting to find another person got there first

    3 The wife aranging stuff at the weekend when i had decided to go shooting

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    I have quite a few as I'm sure all do but I'd say my top three are....

    1) Benefits/lazy sxxts who don't work.
    2) TV, because it's all sxxt with doom and gloom. If you should watch the news it's all bad news. Why not have a channel that delivers good news. It's bloody depressing.
    3) Wet summers. It can be -20 and I'm happy, but hate rain.
    Sorry but I need a fourth.....
    4) Dog walkers who put the dog sxxt in bags and hang it on branches. Give me strengh.

    Three things that pixx me off deer stalking related are....

    1) Not having cwd and muntjac in Cumbria, even though there is a few muntjac in Preston.
    2) Scummy poachers.
    3) not having enough money.
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    1. People making derogatory comments in the adverts section.

    2. People sticking up for poachers and the trying to justify it by insinuating that we all do it!

    3. Dog walkers trespassing and ruining my stalk (and then after being confronted, telling me that they're not going to argue with me about it but proceed to do just that).

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