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Thread: Non telescopic sights inhumane?

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    Non telescopic sights inhumane?

    The following is from my january 2014 edition of the "training manual for deer stalkers" sent out by the BDS in order to study for DSC1"Telescopic sight. To stalk without a telescopic sight in modern times is considered an inhumane and outdate practice. The scope and its mounts should be the best you can afford and should be designed for use on a full-bore rife"What a load of SH!T. Surely this varys person to person, however to call it inhumane to use fixed scopes seems wrong to me. Personally I do use a telescopic sight. However if someone is using a high quality 6 or 8 mag S&B and can shoot the appropriate size group at the distance they require to stalk at then what is the issue? Seemed very odd and biased to me, and the fact that this is someones and opinion and not fact seems quite naughty given some people will read this manual and view it as gospelwhats everyone elses opinion??Regards KSp.s sorry for the lack of spaces, I do type with spaces entered between paragraphs but for some reason whenever I post back they close back up. Any ideas of how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think you've misunderstood what they meant by "telescopic sight". I don't believe they are referring to variable magnification scopes, rather all scopes. The alternative being open sights.

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    Don't think that's what they are implying, don't see anything about not using a fixed scope, what they are talking about are open type sights, I disagree that open sights are inhumane, it depends on the experience of the person using them,many of today's stalkers will never have shot with open sights , so therefore no experience so in that context they could be considered unsuitable for most stalkers , but I do think inhumane is to strong a term.

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    Oh, that would make sense....Maybe I shouldnt get on my high horse before 0900 and the brain is functioning properly...KS

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    I could be wrong but the way that I read it is that they are saying that not to use telescopic sights at all (Open sights only) is inhumane rather than refering to the use of fixed magnification scopes as oposed to variable magnification scopes.
    If this is the case I can see their logic in this but it has to be agreed that there are some extremely good marksmen out there that always use open sights and never use scopes. (I am not one of them)

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    usual generalisations...your individual mileage may vary

    depends what type of shooting you are doing what range and how good you are with your chosen sighting mechanism.

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    Personally, there is nothing humane or inhumane about equipment, is the person behind the kit and his / her decision making. Trying to shoot a small roe doe in poor light at 150 yds with the best scope available is very tricky and I would pass up the shot. But shoulder shooter a larger deer at under 40 yds with open sights with good eyes should be straightforward.

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    Ive never used open sights on a centre fire rifle. Its something I would like to do on a range though just to see what grouping you could get at 100 yards. As the post before states its the persons decision making not the kit. If you can group well with open sights and your confident on the shot go for it.

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    I agree, it is the person making the shot ahd where the shot is to be that is either "humane or inhumane". The equipment only allows the accomplishment of the shot.

    I never used "telescopic" sights until I started hunting in Germany. I grew up using "Peep" sights. It took me a while to get used to a "telescopic" sighting arrangement. I, still, prefer a good "Peep" sight; seeing as how I try not to take a shot any further away than I am willing to drag the harvest. I have a problem explaining the powder burns on the entry wound, but it works for me. The wife would take a dim view of me shooting them in the kitchen. ;-)

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    Horses for courses, and basic competence. Like anything else practice develops muscle memory. the first scopes I used were like looking down a smarty tube with much the same magnification. Had got pretty proficient with the open sights on 303 and 270. Practiced on rocks in the burn and on rabbits stationary and running. but when stalking always closed in till the deer looked right behind the sight, what was the range ? no bloody idea , probably 150yrds or so, grouping? middle for diddle ,anywhere forward body mass, usually lungs, lungs liver. occasionally a bit back, if the god of stalking decided I needed the exercise and to spend the remaining hours of daylight following up. Took neck shots, running shots but very rarely anything far out unless it was away swinging a leg and then just a case of tagging it again as best I could. I think with open sights you are more aware of what is around the intended target and scopes especially screwed up high definitely give you tunnel vision locked down to a very small area. Really noticeable if deer move or mill about when on high magnification often have to get clients to lift there eye away from the scope to see the deer and re-aquire the intended target. Same when culling out hinds legging it away 6x or 8x can let you keep them in your eye but screwed up to 14x you can be left waving the rifle about trying to find them. I would suggest probably best to get competent with both open and telescopic sights

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