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Thread: S & B scope wanted

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    S & B scope wanted

    Hi i am looking for a s&b scope does anyone have one they want to sell?
    regards paul

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    Hi paul have a look on the hunters cabin site he had one there on friday


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    S&B zenith on ebay at the moment


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    as gadget said
    i have a hungarian 30mm tube 8x56 with a A7 ret
    delivered to a uk address for 550

    brand new uk scope


    steve hunter

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    hi thank you i am looking for a second hand one.
    regards paul

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    Not sure if you have joined Pigeon Watch (probably not) but there is an 8 x 56 for sale on there.

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    Thank you for that i missed out on that scope already, i will keep looking.

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    Hi there,

    I have a 6x42 that I am looking to sell if that would be of interest?

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