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Thread: Stalkers,Keepers and Game dealers

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    Stalkers,Keepers and Game dealers

    I have been a member of the NGO since it started and I recently noticed that they are running a course in Game meat handling not a million miles from me.
    What surprised me was that apparently anyone not having the relevent licence granted by this course and putting game into a dealer is acting outside the law as the licence is a legal requirement.
    Now even more surprising is that I know several game dealers in the area who are accepting all game and venison from anyone who brings it in and only ask where it was shot. I know many individuals and keepers who take game and venison into dealers and if you talk to them about such things as this they look at you as if you have just landed from outer space and say "Well ............ Game take it so it can't be illegal".
    Is it in fact a legal requirement and if so why are dealers still taking the game and indeed taking it off people seemingly illegally.
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    I recently did my DSC1 so you'd think I'd know but cant remember the letter of the law, all I need to know is I'm qualified because Trained Hunter is part of the DSC and for earlier DSCs you can do a little upgrade. Isn't it that the pluck is to be inspected by a trained hunter?

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    Info' here

    My take on it is you must be a trained hunter to supply to the dealer, and have a numbered tag on each carcass to the effect that it's been inspected

    I don't sell any of my venison as I manage to use the vast majority of it myself, so if I've got it wrong someone will no doubt correct me
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    If you supply a game dealer as a individual then you need a trained hunter cert and number, if you shoot for estate and they have someone who can inspect the carcass etc then you can enter it on there number.
    And now we will here from all the people who will tell you, that you need to be registered with trading standards bla bla bla, that is upto you.

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    My understanding is as a trained hunter I can sell a deer carcass in the skin to an approved game handling establishment (AGHE) who can then process the carcass into meat for sale to the trade and public. This was explained clearly during the DSC1 course.

    It is illegal for me to sell venison without going through the hoops of becoming an AGHE.

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    It was a reaction to an EU directive on game entering the food chain. You are right it is totally overlooked but someone will fall foul of the regulations.

    One point that I would like to make is that the DSC1 does not cover the sale of birds/small game

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    Which the NGO one does . I have used at least 6 dealers down here and all requested a number and to see your card.
    FH where are you based.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Which the NGO one does . I have used at least 6 dealers down here and all requested a number and to see your card.
    FH where are you based.
    At present Lincolnshire. One dealer pays cash no questions asked,he picks up from our local estate,gamebirds as well.
    A large dealer just asks where its from,cheque paid after vet inspection, but takes from lads who I know use small rifles, and also from keepers who have never done any form of course.
    Another dealer pays cash no questions been asked of me on the rare occasion I sell to a dealer.
    The only thing that slightly bothers me is that I did give my number to one of them who deals with our local estate when I shot deer for the estate, I wonder if he is using my number for estate carcases he picks up.
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