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Thread: 22-250 what to look out for?

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    22-250 what to look out for?

    Hi, Im looking for a 22-250 and ahev heard that they suffer from barrel wear/burn. What do I need to look out for when viewing one? Thanks Steve

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    i am no expert on second hand firearms but i would be looking at general overall condition. as you are aware lots of shots with a fast round can wear the barrel out, im not sure what quantifys as "lots" but put it this way a tatty rifle, worn blueing, scrathed dented and grazed stock would suggest to me that the rifle has not been treated very well. i am also not sure if you would be able to see a worn barrel with the naked eye, i can presume that the first thing that would raise the alarm would be inconsistant grouping.

    If it was me i would avoid going S/H in fast cal rifles. it could prove to be a very expensive option.

    one thing for sure : im not sure about alot of things!

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    Don't buy a 2nd hand 22-250 unless you really know and trust the seller.

    I know a dealer who puts a borescope down each and every rifle that he buys. He swears that he turns down almost every 22-250 brought to him.

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    Good advice. Thanks. What level of use(even looked after) can wear a 22 250 barrel to the point that you get poor groupings? I ahev heard that as little as 2-3k can do it.

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    If considering a s/h .22-250 get it borescoped before you had over the hard earned. Most s/h are on the sale rack cause the barrel is worn. If not properly maintained will burn out faster. My mate's remmy went at 6k and was well looked after.

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    I have one now still tight groups at 3240 (i count them), but my last one opened up alarmingly at just about the 2K mark. I won't be buying another Winchester 70.

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    In all honesty unless your a profesional stalker or the rifles done a lot of range work its hardly likely to be shot out I have a old Tika M 55 in 22-250 calibre that I purchased new in 1986 it it still shoots 1" groups or less and lets face it what would it cost to re tube a sporting rifle anyway.
    a normal stalker has all on shooting out a sporting rifle if its been looked after.
    If its going to wear it will be in the throat so its easily evidenced even by a novice.
    The other thing is with a 22-250 making sure that all rods that pass through it are plastic coated and never use any chemical bore cleaner , just a swab out with a patch on a plastic jag and one pass straight through from breach to muzzel dont work the rod.
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    I always prefer a carbon fibre rod, but will use a plastic coated one if I have no options, chemical cleaners are ok, such as wipeout, but anything overtly ammonia based is out for me.
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    +1 on getting it bore-scoped. +1 on wipeout, good stuff.

    I suspect this barrel burn-out thing is overdone a bit. Shouldn't be an issue if you don't let the barrel get too hot - just fire a group and let it cool a bit.


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    [QUOTE=Caprelous;87581] and lets face it what would it cost to re tube a sporting rifle anyway.

    Well you could be looking at 500 - 600, and it is quite easy to buy a rifle,with lots of life left in it, for less than that.

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