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Thread: Sako Finnbear in .270 - thoughts

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    Sako Finnbear in .270 - thoughts

    So it looks like I am about to become the proud owner of an aged but functional Sako Finnbear in .270.

    I'd be very grateful for any experience people have with them: are there any gremlins to watch out for or common little niggles?

    My plan is to get a smith to give it a once over and then probably get it bedded. Good idea?

    Looking forward to using it - always wanted one of these.

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    If it is in good condition, Keep a very tight grip on it!
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    Keep it!!!! Shoot it an enjoy it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    If it is in good condition, Keep a very tight grip on it!
    I suspected you might have something to say about this!

    How old is yours? And does it have the origonal barrel?

    My major concern is that the barrel might be past its best.

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    Don't look back I love mine in 300 win very nice action indeed, as others have said just get out and shoot it, post pics when you get it , atb wayne
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  6. #6're getting your hands on an aged but functional Finnbear270?? Steve? Anything that you want to tell us???
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    It may or may not need bedding, but iit would be a good idea to remove the action from the stock and check for fit, any hammering of the wood, and cracks. They have a steel crossbolt and bedding block and pillars from the factory.

    They are great rifles, beautiful lines and balance, and stocks which work with iron sights and scopes. I have one in .375 H&H.

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    I had one of these in .270 win, loved it. I later had it re barrelled into .243 win and used it hard for several more years. Wish I'd never got rid of it. Mine was in a McMillan fibergrain stock.

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    My L61R in 270 is pretty sweet and just joined me on its first trip to the borders complete with Williams open sights apel swing offs .it was part of a batch holland and holland restocked and reblued shot and regulated as you can tell I LOVE it .
    Ps it isn't bedded actually it touches wood along the barrel at all points but shoots better than I can .my gunsmith said this is as h/ holland intended it to be .
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    Got one just the same owned it bought it new from H&H nearly 30 years great gun one of the cheapest guns I have ever bought.
    Use and enjoy


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