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Thread: three things that make you happy

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    three things that make you happy

    The opposite to red dots and like pine martin suggested.
    Three things that make you happy.

    1) the excitement and a sleepless night while getting ready to go stalking. Bloody love getting my gear together.

    2) family, including my dogs and life style.

    3) good food and whiskey.

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    -Making sausage

    -Shooting deer

    -Hating Justin Bieber

    -Hating Justin Bieber

    (I know I mentioned Justin Bieber twice, but I thought it was important to stress just how much I enjoy despising him)
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    My second son, who was born on Saturday morning (3 weeks early and very underweight)

    The group I shot on my DSC1 shooting test:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Marstons Old Empire

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    Leaving aside the pleasure of family and good friends.....

    Catching a salmon
    Working my cocker spaniels
    Being quite content to simply watch a deer that's out of season, or on ground that I don't have the stalking rights to, without feeling the need to kill it
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    The kiss I get from my wife when I bring home venison or lobster

    Sharing the pleasure of a hobby with a friend

    Getting it spot on / not screwing up

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    - my family
    - my dogs
    - my mates

    Oh. I also like cider. And chocolate. But the tope 3 are the most important.
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    1/ my 4.5 yo daughter
    2/ my sprocker spaniel
    3/ woodfordes wherry
    4/ cohiba behikes 56
    5/ fine vintage port
    6/ stalking
    7/game shooting
    8/shooting of any description
    11/ not sticking to the rules (notice more than three answers!)
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    my family and freinds, being outside anywhere, doing something that makes me or someone else happy,

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    1. A reliable source of hot water (7 years in a high altitude Kenyan boarding school with no functional boilers means I have a very keen appreciation for a good shower).
    2. A well made cup of tea at *exactly* the right moment.
    3. Unsolicited praise.

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    1. Waking up every morning looking at my three Chessies looking at me
    2. Waking up every morning
    3. Licking my ludicrously expensive shotguns and trying to get my toungue out the choke end

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