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Thread: Hornady American Whitetail

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    Hornady American Whitetail

    Just bought some of these Hornady whitetail bullets in .308 I have not used them before so was just wondering if many have tried them and how people got on with them. ( they were a good price )

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    150gr? Yes, used to good effect last year before I started reloading. Accurate in my RPA quadlock, you'd hope so. Good expansion and penetration. Deer didn't move except towards the ground. See if they group in your rifle, if so you're away.

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    Thanks for your reply I have a few Remington to use up then will try them out, but at the price could not turn them down ! cheaper to run than my .222
    Yes 150gr

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    I sourced a box to zero a rifle and the accuracy was great. Unfortunately I was just testing a rifle so didn't get to use them on live quarry but from what I here they are pretty good, plus they are cheap which is even better.

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