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Thread: Where to get warning signs?

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    Where to get warning signs?

    Which signs are best, and where to go them? Found a 16 year old boy today randomly hacking at a tree with an axe in woods I stalk. I told him they were private and he shouldn't be here, to which he just argued with me...!! So, thinking of putting up some warning signs so at least I've done as much as I can on my part.

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    any sign making shop will print you signs on rigid plastic backing for just a few quid and you can chose your own wording, I get signs for high seats printed for about £1 each.

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    B&Q have a surprising collection private keep out etc etc

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    try your local agri store,burgess ,kent wool growers ,anyone of those will have a big stand of" ere u gerrofa my land "kind of signs and some u can order them to your shooting in operation keep out ,or bog off this is my firewood u numpty.

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    I've used Buildasign for 'keep out, shooting in progress' signs, and others. They are not the cheapest but the service is first class and the choice is limited only by your imagination :

    Big signs work a treat, last autumn there was some frantic calling from one end of some land after I had set up, a witless noddy trespassing with his out of control dog had had a change of heart ...

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    I cant remember where I got mine from now, just did a google search and there were plenty, all around the same price..

    Here's one I just found with minimal effort

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    Ok, great. Thanks for all your replies.

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    Just get ' f@@@ off' carved on to the toe of your boot, he'll see it every time he looks at his backside in the mirror!

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    Shame you didn't ring the police and them them he'd threatened you with the axe. He'd have job explaining that away!

    “If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

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    "Private Property, Keep Out" is the only wording you want. Anything else will make it look as if you know you have trespassers, to whom you have a duty of care.

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