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    Peter Trew

    Hi was just wondering if anyone is having trouble contacting Peter Trew. He cancelled a stalking weekend at the beginning of December by phoning the day before to which I was under standing although I lost 118 for my room at the travel lodge which was non refundable and 200 deposit for the stalk. We rearranged for the second weekend of January then I was unable to contact him. I have been sending texts requesting my deposit back but to date having no reply.

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you Brian

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    i went there in nov 2012 great stalking and loads of deer shot 2 in 2 outings, booked the following year tried for 2 weeks constant before the date and couldnt get hold of him, my friend finally contacted him after the date and he had problems with his phone was the explanation!!!!!

    Was annoying but didnt have cancelled rooms etc so didn't loose any money.

    Having said all that ,I would book again when i have the time as he did seem a genuine guy.

    Hope it works out.

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    I know he doesn't use SD a lot, but he is on here as Trewy1, have you tried a PM?


    Just checked his profile, he hasn't logged in for over a year. xplains why he never answered my pm's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have a feeling another outfitter has taken the animals on his ground .my pal had shot his ground and recognised it on another outfitters you tube video ?? Probably wrong but my pal,was unable to contact him also .

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    Hi Ade Iv PM Him but wont hold my breath. Its the Principle of being good enough of paying a large deposit and by the looks of it having no intention of returning it. It wasn't as if he didn't know me being there the year before but still wanted the money. Norma thank you for the info.


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    brian there a couple of other people in the same boat mate

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    Im starting to realise that Tom. Shame really because I liked Peter. But to do what he's doing to others is not on.

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    Can't you report him for stealing his ticket will go because what he is doing
    is fraud and will pay the penalties for it
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