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Thread: Left Handed .22 outfit

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    Left Handed .22 outfit

    I am looking for a left handed .22 outfit.
    Current thought is either a Anschutz 1416 with Nikko 4 X 40 or the CZ452 American LH .22 LR with same scope both with be screw cut for moderator.
    Any thoughts or experiences

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    Hi Ferryman, I have heard the CZ is very good. I have had an Anshutz myself and it's the only .22 I've owned which I've regretted selling. It was truly superb and amazingly accurate. Hope you get something suitable.
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    as rupert said go for a cz they are cheaper but good solid reliable and the bonus accurate,i have both and they are both brilliant at what they do,atb doug,

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    I am looking at the Savage WMR range at the moment.

    Damed anoying they do the .17HMR in Thumbhole LH but not the .22 WMR

    What do people think of Savage Arms?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Chasey View Post
    I am looking at the Savage WMR range at the moment.

    Damed anoying they do the .17HMR in Thumbhole LH but not the .22 WMR

    What do people think of Savage Arms?


    Savage rifles have come up in the world. The ones I have handle and shoot very well.
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    I have left hand cz452 American cut right down ... Parker hale mod
    Love it !!! I have custom rifle & semi custom but I still love my Cz whole heartedly

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    What length did you get it cut down to / any problems ?
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I had it cut right down to basically one rethread over the legal limit ... Can't remember
    exactly what it's down to & can't measure as I'm away with work
    Did it for a truck gun as most my rabbiting from the truck , no clattering door frames Etc as I pick all carcasses
    When I saw it I though damn I've went too short but no ... Love it
    No problems with accuracy .. Grant Taylor ( Taylor on here )
    did the work ... He builds target rifles etc & work was top notch
    Fly home tomorrow if you want oictures

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    Hi Paul, been checking this out for a while. There was a lot of talk about choke but it seems the main thing is to get the cut & crown job done right and no problems after that.
    Sorry to hijack thread, just like to know as much as I can before I go for stuff.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Hi there, home now pics as promised
    Barrel is just over legal limit I believe , enough for one more rethread & crown , mod is nothing fancy , just a Parker hale but it is quiet effective & not too thick ... It just "works"!

    I love my "carbine "


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