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Thread: Which lens do you use

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    Which lens do you use

    Just squired a canon 30D Digital SLR and been looking for a good lens,
    The question is what do you use and why for good Nature photos,
    I have been told to get the best you can afford but which is going to give the best results,
    Researching tells us 55-250mm or 70-300mm are the best option, and this is what we are likely to go for, but before we do I thought it worth while seeing what the site would recommend and why and the best places to get a good deal.


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    Now then Smithy,

    I also recently acquired a new SLR, a Sony a330 with kit lens and also a tamaron 70-300mm lens which I must say does a decent enough job, I regularly take it out whilst stalking and when about in the car and so far taken some decent enough photos. I also purchased a Sony 70-300mm lens which is just as good and at 150 is reasonably cheap for the qaulity of pictures you get. All of which I bought from Jessops and so far cant complain about their service and usually have some good deals on. Like you say I'd been told the old 'the more you spend the more you get' on numerous times but with the cameras built in zoom and the lens you can get decent enough photos from around 100 yards give or take abit. I'd definately recommend the 70-300mm for an all round general lens with which you should get some great photos with and be able to pick one up at a reasonable price. I would also like to purchase a decent telephoto lens but like you say there not cheap although sony do do a 500mm telephoto lens for 500 which sounds expensive but more than half of some of the others just looks abit cumbersome and cant imagine it being handy for stalking although may give a better photo from a greater distance. These photos were taken with both the tamaron and sony 70-300mm lenes.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Depends, If im stalking with a rifle then I take my Nikon D60 with a 18-55mm, thats because Im only using it for snaps and bits. If I go to take pictures (rifleless) then I use my "proper" camera a Canon EOS 1DS Mk3 with a fixed 300mm Canon EF, I would love a vairable lense but couldnt afford one at the time of similar quality.

    Its a pretty good set up IMO, I use the canon for all my other photography (hobby number 2) as well.

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    I have used a Nikon D50 and now a D80 with a Tamron 28-300mm and a Sigma 170-500mm in the past.
    Now I am a pedestrian both of these are for sale also a 105mm Micro Nikkor macro lense, the Sigma is cased and the other pair boxed and as new. The D80 body is also boxed and as new, sensible offers would be accepted. Many of my photos on this site were taken with this gear.


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