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Thread: Travel bore rod / collapsible

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    Travel bore rod / collapsible

    Hi folks
    I vaguely remember reading Bruce Potts reviewing a collapsible bore rod ... I think like tent pole style .... That you could carry in a roe sack or pocket as it went down to a really good size
    I know have a permission good bit from home& if I trip or inadvertently block the bore I'd like to be able to clear it i situ

    Anyone know / remember what it is ?


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    I have one of those rapid rods and I have used it a few times, mainly when I have had a bullet stuck in the lands. I have lent it to people that i've been stalking with a few times too. It is good but, to be honest, probably no better than a length of net curtain cable from B&Q.

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    net curtain cable as suggested and a proper rod in your car.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Rapid rod I think it was yes

    Thank you lads

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