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Thread: Pulsar N750A Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

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    Pulsar N750A Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

    We have just had delivered several Pulsar N750A Digital Night Vision Rifle Scopes - our pre-orders are complete so we have a few for sale!
    £1,295 per unit

    We have a demo unit in our Petworth shop which customers are welcome to come and look through - we're open to 5.30 usually, but happy to stay until 6pm so it can be looked through in the dark.

    Description from supplier:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The latest Digisight N750A Digital night vision rifle scope features 13 unique reticles to help customise your display quickly. An innovative memorisation of zero-in parametres enables you to effectively save zero for up to 3 different weapons.

    Designed for observation and shooting in twilight and at night. It uses a highly sensitive CCD array optimised to the infrared spectrum. The image is transmitted to a high resolution 640x480 pixel OLED display which gives a greater level of contrast as well as a crisp and saturated picture. Thanks to the OLED display, the weapon scope can be used within a wide temperature range from -20 deg° to +50 deg°. The Digisight N750A is a multifunctional device featuring a number of essential options for modern hunting.


    ·The OLED display provides a greater level of contrast and a finer reticles
    ·The internal eye safe laser IR illuminator three step power adjustment provides artificial illumination that improves image quality under insufficient levels of natural illumination
    ·All optics are designed to move inside the scope. This achieves improved image quality and housing stability while allowing precision click-stop focussing controls to bring the target image in sharp contrast from 5m to infinity
    ·Five position on/off switch to power up the unit as well as turn on the internal IR and vary its light emission
    ·Can be powered by 4x AA batteries or with external power sources including Pulsar EPS3 and EPS5 battery packs
    ·Quick image adjustment to suit light conditions. (High Contrast/Sum Light (heightened light amplification) modes
    ·Adjust required screen brightness and contrast. This is done through a button next to the control wheel
    ·The sight is equipped with a video out jack enabling the connection of external video recording resources
    ·The reticle can be inverted. This switches the central point of aiming reticle between red-on-grey and green-on-grey
    ·The 1.5x digital zoom function enables the user to increase magnification from 4.5x close to 7.0x at the push of a button
    ·A single knob (switchable between vertical and horizontal adjustments) allows better ergonomics and stable hold of the rifle during firing or sighting the scope
    ·The main menu includes one-shot zeroing, running time set-up and video output selection functions
    ·The weaver rail on the side of the scope allows the use of multiple accessories including auxiliary IRs, batteries and other systems
    ·The mounting holes in the base of the rifle scope enable the mount to be installed in one of the multiple positions. This choice (depending on the rifle type, anthropometric data of the shooter, etc.) helps the user to ensure the most suitable position of the riflescope. There are Weaver Mount, Los/Dovetail Mount, Prism Mount, AK Side Mount and MAK adaptors available as optional parts
    ·Includes a wireless remote control with Scope and IR on/off functions as well as zoom activation
    ·Two position protective cap built into the housing will never be lost and always ready to protect the optics
    ·Includes an Ansmann EC800 Intelligent Charger Set which contains a charger, four 2700NiMH AA batteries and a 3 year warranty

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    Bump - part exchange welcome

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