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Thread: Home Office Guidance

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    Home Office Guidance

    Has anyone on SD read the above?
    I know they are only guidelines and not law, but most questions on here can be answered by reading them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post

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    sorry i digress ,i will,
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    Why should we read them? It would seem many of the police forces don't!

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    but it is only guidance

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    Quote Originally Posted by lister View Post
    but it is only guidance
    But it nevertheless is Guidance from the Home Office.

    If they don't follow it, one has grounds to draw the attention of the FLD manager to the variance. If there's no satisfactory outcome from that, the Chief Constable and MP can be advised of the problem also.

    I've found this approach useful in the past - but it wouldn't have worked if I'd given up when they told me, '...but it's only Guidance!'

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    Quote Originally Posted by lister View Post
    but it is only guidance
    Maybe you're not up to speed with the Authorised Professional Practice from the College of Policing?

    Forces that choose not to align their activities with the Home Office Guide are required to notify the national policing lead of the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group (FELWG) and provide a rationale for their decision.

    Can't see too many wanting to do that and banjax the push for national conformity and the provision of evidence to justify upping the fees, can you?

    Full information here:

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    Yes..I used the HO Guidelines to good effect to have conditions removed on the granting and use of a 9.3 x 62 with expanding ammo for deer in Dorset.

    As Orion said Plod are now under a "requirement" to start singing from the same hymn sheet!

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