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Thread: Cz 452 varmint sound moderator

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    Cz 452 varmint sound moderator advice

    Hi guys i currently have a cz452 .22 varmint with a sak mod. What others can you advise?
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    You may have more luck if you change the title of the thread ...
    I thought this was a review or issue with one, not an inquiry into alternatives ..
    also what calibre are you want info on ????

    to be honest, you can wont tell the difference in sound between a SAK and 90% of the others.. But the price you will !
    Personally keep the SAK
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    Only reason is my rifle seems loud compared to others with the same mod so thought there may be a problem. Are the stripable?

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    Is the rifle accurate with the mod fitted?
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    you can take them apart ..
    barrel length makes a difference to sound as does ammo .... Also, this may sound silly, but if your 1m away from a rifle, it's much quieter than holding it, when it goes off... Lol

    Get someone o fire it, while you stand bout 20' away & see how it sounds, then you will get a better idea of how the rabbits hear it

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    Its not that accurate

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan71 View Post
    Its not that accurate
    Well it should be, nice little calibre,

    Mod wise, I love dm80 compact tidy good price and easy to strip clean and reassemble,

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    I have had the trigger done and a new scope. Now it must be mod and or barrel

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    I use a sak mod on my cz 452, put 1000s through it, probably wouldn't be to easy to strip now, would be easier to buy another, mine shoots like a laser on eley subs

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    They are normally very accurate rifles.
    You need to "split the problem". Take the mod off and see if accuracy improves. If it does then the mod or the mod fitting is faulty. Try someone else's mod if possible and do some logical fault finding.
    Do this before you start stripping the mod. It's easy to make problems by diving into something rather than solve the original problem.
    Is the rifle new or second hand ?.
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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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