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    One of each

    Yesterday morning i intialy went to a new piece of ground just before first light but due to the size of the ground i did`nt stick around for too long.
    I made my way back to my old ground arriving there just before 6.30 so to save time i decided to drive most of the way to my look out point instead of walking.
    A favorite Deer crossing point was just a head and i was`nt suprised to see a few there as i drove along the other side of the hedge line to them.
    I stopped the car about 150 yards up the hedge line got out and waited in the ditch for the 3 to cross infront of me. Which they did a minute or so later.
    I left the two mature Hinds and took the yearling.
    Later in the afternoon i was out again and just before last light i took a nice size pricket too.
    After as recomended i washed all the gear off with FAM 30 the livestock disinfectant

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    Some one had a busy, but enjoyable day then eh?
    "well done Scarlet."

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    well done scarlet, thats topped up your freezer mate

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    Nice result

    By the way, did you use an Olympus SW to take the video? That popping noise on the sound is curable by updating the firmware on the camera, I had the same problem on mine.


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    Yes the camera is an Olympus SW. Not got a clue how to update the firmware though..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Yes the camera is an Olympus SW. Not got a clue how to update the firmware though..
    You can either use the Olympus Master 2 software you get with the camera, instructions here.

    or alternatively use the Firmware Updater from here

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    Sorted csl hopefully i`ll try it out later this afternoon..

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