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Thread: just a few more foxing pics

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    just a few more foxing pics

    Just adding a few more foxing pics hope it works
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    Dan that middle pic looks like quite a good haul for an nights lamping
    is that local to you or do you hav to travel

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    Yes mate all local and not a bad haul considering it has been quite slow over the last month or so. i have had better and also had alot worse.


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    very interesting
    never realised people still lamped hares in the area ( i presume the 3 in the middle are hares)
    just i hav done a bit in the local area myself

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    yes mate i dont realy shoot hares under the lamp but these were taken off a golf corse in leicester where we have to take them. As for not shooting hares in the area i know of people that have taken good numbers, some times 20 odd a night. i don't agree with it but they seem to think they need sorting
    where in the area do you shoot then mate


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    Quote Originally Posted by dancoventry View Post
    where in the area do you shoot then mate

    i hav done most places and still do from corly moor to solihull and further afield towards brum
    out to warwick and stratford
    my stalking is mainly warwick and stratford but also hav a piece up in stafford
    just goes to show,
    not ventured Leicester way but hav a few mates that do

    take it your golf course is grove park area

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    No mate the course is in the bosworth area. i also have land from Birmingham airport, Coventry, Warwick and a good bit all over Warwickshire but not much deer.
    as im just getting in to deer stalking i dont have much in the way of stalking but will be looking for a syndicate some time after i have done my dsc1. if you have any advice on syndicates or let days in the area i would appreciate the info.



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    i don't really know any one i hav been with in the area that i could reliably recommend
    but hav a few good contacts further a field
    but out of interest you could give Mat a try at Packinton , not been with him but he should know his stuff and very reasonably priced from what i am told

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    not to wory mate i have a few contacts further a field. do you do much foxing then over my way? oh yeah and just out of interest why did you not think people lamp hare round the area?

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