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Thread: Anyone using long shog in 12g

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    Anyone using long shog in 12g

    As above anyone using this in ther 12g ????
    lonshot powder sorry
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    Why would you? Am I missing an English joke?

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    Is this another 'Deer with a shotgun' thread? If so then probably best not to go there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neumo View Post
    Is this another 'Deer with a shotgun' thread?
    Sounds dangerous! I only took ever went stalking on the grounds they wouldn't be able to shoot back.

    Perhaps the OP refers to Longshot powder?

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    Owwww longSHOT powder
    well like I said does anyone use it as I like the heavys and as for people assuming it's for deer!! NO NO NO 30-06 for that one people. Just have some loads in mind 40g 4shot in 2 3/4 and 50g bb in 3"
    so I will start again does anyone use this for shot shell

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    When I used to homeload shotgun it was my powder of choice, unfortunately no time to reload now, used to do a cracking 1 3/4 oz Hevishot shot load for my 10 bore, some good loads on the company website.

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