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Thread: Recommend a Decent Travel Mug Please

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    Recommend a Decent Travel Mug Please

    Looking for a recommendation for a decent travel mug.

    need it not to leak

    doesn't need to have a handle

    needs to hold a reasonable size drink

    easy open and close lid

    Thanks in advance, I have a thermos one at the moment which will be getting used as target practice imminently, leaks like a sieve if it's any more than half full!



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    not what your looking for but here it is,my mate 5, 8,, thinning hair ,leaks a lot, has an handle useually answers to ********, has been known to hold a pint? and his lids never bloody shut, regards doug,

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    Just found a camelback forge mug on the internet, its not cheap but it looks a good bit of kit & camelback is normally well made.

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    I've been using one of these pretty much every day for nearly two years: SS059 12oz starbucks stainless steel Xmas handle home travel tumbler NEW 2013 | eBay

    It doesn't have an open/close lid but it keeps my drink hot on the 60 mile journey from home to Heathrow.
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    I bought a twin pack from Costco not so long ago - bloomin marvellous!

    Don't leak, lock on the press button - and your drink is still the temperature of lava about 6 hours on....

    And only about 11 quid for the two. Bargain.
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    Have a look at contigo.

    Excellent seal, good heat retention and easy to drink from, holds just a bit more Tha a normal coffee mug.

    Had mine for years now. Still works well despite dents and dings from being dropped

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    Recommend a Decent Travel Mug Please

    Lifeventure Mega Trek Mug.

    I have this and two flasks now from Lifeventure and they out perform anything I ever owned before. Just in a different league.

    If I make a cup of tea at 7.30 and head to the range it's still warm at 1pm when we wrap up.
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    Thanks for the recommendations, much appreciated.

    kind regards


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    Quote Originally Posted by needsy View Post
    Just found a camelback forge mug on the internet, its not cheap but it looks a good bit of kit & camelback is normally well made.

    just bought one to replace the ridiculously crap lifeventures one (see below)

    The forge is very well made although on testing i immediately notice the lower ring of the lid becomes very hot
    using such a highly conductive material for a thermal mug is a joke
    won't keep fluids as hot as others as a result, but it is designed for yuppies keeping their starbucks warm on the way to work not for blokes sitting in the cold for hours on end........

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    Does the camelback leak when you turn it on its side?

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