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Thread: Stalking with open sights

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    Stalking with open sights

    I've just been reading through a few threads on here regarding knocking scopes in the field and checking zero when this happens, also about the use of open sights being inhumane.

    I have a cz550 stutzen in .308, it has a meopta 6x42 scope on top with Apel quick release mounts. I keep meaning to set the open sights so if I ever knock the scope while out I can simply remove the scope and use the open sights over sensible ranges ( say around 50m or so).

    So I was wondering what peoples opinions are on this, if anybody else has a similar set up and has had to remove the scope to use the open sights, or stalks with open sights on a regular basis.


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    Back in the day we learned to use open sights.
    But times moved on as have optics so why use open sights then again at short range nothing wrong with them they can be usefull for follow shots also.

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    I like to hunt when its windy & raining as the deer are more predictable (tight, quiet gullies, etc). A scope that constantly needs wiping or defogging if you happen to breath on it is next to useless for this. I prefer open sights as well as a scope on deer hunting rifles. This generally means I have to get them fitted these days as few factories fit them & if they do they usually aren't that good. I use QR mounts on my winchesters & mauser's, & just use the standard rings on rugers which I mark/scratch so I can remove & replace in the field using a coin as the screwdriver. I get less than an inch of movement on target at 100m when doing this with my rugers.

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    Although I haven't used the open sights on my rifle in a good while, they are zeroed at 100yds with my current load. So, in an emergency useable. QR mounts I have will let me off the hook immediately. ATB
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    I used a military surplus .308 Mauser 98 (Czech Mauser rebarrelled in Israel, I think) in with open sights to shoot my first deer - a fallow buck - at about 70m. I could get 3 shots in under 3" at 100m. The rifle's sights haven't ever been adjusted since my dad bought it 30 years ago!

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    I shot a few deer with open sights on my old Westley Richards .275. Obviously you have to keep the range fairly short and practice a lot but its doable. You have to be very careful in changing light conditions as its east to take more or less foresight causing a dramatic change in POI.

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    Still waiting for the right moment to swing the scope off my 270 for a shot with Williams opens on my L61R

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    You can get see-though mounts as well so not even have to take your scope off, but of course that means mounting your scope higher which is a whole other discussion. Open sights being closer to the barrel are less off zero for very close shots and no close focus problems.

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    I have been playing with the idea of ordering a Sako 85 Wood/Blued in .308 as a light woodland stalker. Thing is I either need to wait for six months for an open sights model or retro fit some to a naked rifle. Has anyone done this and what did you use?

    I could put an Aimpoint on I suppose, but I really fancy open sights.

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    My honest opinion on this is that the majority of guys on this forum wouldn't have the faintest clue how to use open sights in the first place, let alone be effective with them. The practical answer to the OPs question is pay attention to your rifle in the field & don't treat it like an anvil. Don't put it down on rocks/mud/soaking-wet grass/gravel roads etc, make sure the sling is in good order (I've even heard of some muppet not checking and having his sling swivels drop out of the stock), don't drop the bloody thing, and bear in mind most of you (if popular opinion is to be believed) are carrying in excess of a few thousand pounds worth of Blaser and Schmidt and Bender, so they're worth looking c'est pas?
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