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Thread: Penrith Survival Closing Down....25% off everything

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    Penrith Survival Closing Down....25% off everything

    Just seen this on British Blades. Sad to hear as I've stopped by the shop a couple of times when in the area.

    They have some Lundhags in the sale.....I bought mine there 8 or 9 years ago and they're still going strong.

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    Well spotted Dom. Shame that they are closing, hope its due to retirement or something. I will be passing on Saturday, i'll call in a probably buy more green stuff that I don't need!

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    What a sale, What a company a real shame to see them go.

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    Their sale price on th Meindls is more than most RRP? Maybe that's why they are closing?

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    They are retiring - I asked when I ordered something a moment ago.

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    I just tried to call in but it looks like they have already closed down. Maybe just shifting the last of the stock online?

    At least that saved me some money and I did get to experience having lunch at Scotch Corner Services in the company of a couple of tribes of quaint romany travelling folk with about fifty feral children!

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