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Thread: Is a 22/250 legal for deer in Dorset

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    Is a 22/250 legal for deer in Dorset


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    There's nowt to discuss. The law gives precise and clear details on minimum projectile size in England.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmaster View Post
    There's nowt to discuss. The law gives precise and clear details on minimum projectile size in England.
    I don't know which species of deer are available to shoot in Dorset. The law doesn't help with that - so by all means let'd discuss!

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    Muntjac(,no CWD)...C,mon Taff enlighten us..has Dorset declared UDI or has an FEO fubared!

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    I am awaiting to see the cert, but apparently a stalker has just changed from a 270 to a 22.250 has had it granted for deer, I was supposed to be stalking with him this weekend, and will have the exact wording on Saturday, so was curious to how people read the guidelines, as I would not want to be accused of supporting wildlife crime

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    If a mistake has been made and the original wording pertaining to the .270 has been left in place and merely the calibre changed I would expect it to read something like. "The rifle and ammunition (expanding projectiles of such) may be used to shoot deer or any other lawful quarry" Should this be the case it leaves the emphasis on the holder to determine if deer are a lawful quarry? So depending on the species will put the decision entirely in the holders hands. Should he/she then shoot a fallow they will have committed an offence regardless that the FAC states deer.

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    Supporting wildlife crime no, poaching yes

    Dare say it won't affect u as u are probably shooting deer on other folks ground anyway, do most poachers not use a 22lr anyway, good luck to u

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