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Thread: 18 Muntjac and a freak head as well

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    18 Muntjac and a freak head as well

    Just got back from a stint with overseas clients on my areas in Bedfordshire, and for a change the weather was reasonable!!

    The total for the 6 outings and 3 clients was 6 Muntjac and 2 CWD, with 4 missed beasts. However on the Tuesday evening I had the most amazing evening on the ground. Both myself and one of the clients had settled into the highseat by 3pm, and within 30 minutes we had 2 CWD enter the field and started to graze. At the same time we had a very nice Munty buck make an appearance about 80yds from the seat, although not in a shootable position.

    There was certainly something else coming out behind it, which proved to be a doe. As we were about to squeeze on off the buck turned and went back into cover leaving the doe out. Damn it!! I asked the client if he wanted to stalk the CWD and we decided to go for it. He was not concerned about the sex of the beast and just wanted to take his first CWD. Mission accomplished and back to the seat.

    Great I thought plenty of time to get a Munty buck as well? The light began to fade and one by one we could see 4 Munties about 200yds away on the other side of the L shaped field. We left it a little longer in the hope that the buck we had seen earlier would return, but he didn't show. By this time we could see more Muntjac coming out in the far corner. It was at this time that I recommended we stalk into them and get a buck on the floor before the light left us completely.

    The client agreed and we started to stalk the nearest two Muntjac which were about 180yds. As we approached the 100yd mark, I was amazed to see a further line of Muntjac piling out of the wood. In total we had 18 Muntjac in front of us. That's the most I have ever seen on this one area of the field, the total before that was 15.
    Two quick shots taken with the rifle and two dead Muntjac, One nice representative buck and a doe. Total 3 deer off one area of the field in one evening, and more to the point we could have shot a third as they hardly took any notice of the shots.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The following evening Tom took one of the other clients to the same spot and shot a huge Munty Buck which would easily make gold, however the buck only had one antler and proved to be a freak head as it had never had another antler and had a slightly malformed pedicle.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All in all a good 3 day hunt with clients, two of whom had hunted with us before. Thanks to Tom and Dan at Woburn we also managed a private tour of Woburn Estate for the clients which they very much appreciated.

    Back on the Fallow and Roe this weekend and with a fully booked diary right through to the end of March I am looking forward to a few days off in the Spring.

    Good hunting to you all.
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    What a lucky client! I've never seen anything more than about 6 muntjac at any one time, so seeing 18 would induce a serious case of the yips! Maybe I'll get lucky and see some when I'm out this evening.

    That's a very nice head on that buck, and being a malform would be one I'd personally find space for on the wall, Gold medal or not.
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    That sounds like the same field I shot a muntjac buck in a year ago, and that was a ~180m shot from a highseat. Eighteen muntjac in one go sounds like what they call a target-rich environment though!

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    Fingers crossed I'll be sat in that field in a couple of weeks .......preferably without the arctic winds of a few weeks ago!

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    Haven't seen that many rabbits on a field together, let alone muntjac. Well done

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    Quote Originally Posted by archie12 View Post
    Fingers crossed I'll be sat in that field in a couple of weeks .......preferably without the arctic winds of a few weeks ago!
    Are you coming on the same weekend as I am? The 21st?

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    Yes Pine martin I'm doing AM Saturday and all being well PM Friday
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    I can never tell if it's a male Muntie as it has its tail raised obscuring the head as it runs away barking.
    Excellent sight to see. Yours Malc, not mine.
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    Well done Malc &Tom hope to be back there next winter.

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    Good show Malc...what a great weekend that must have been, I must get up one of them high seats!

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