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    Tim Hannam

    Ordered some bits and bobs yesterday from Tim Hannam, arrived first class today, what a fantastic sevice, no faffing about or false promises, they tell you exactly what they have in stock and what has to be back ordered. This is not the first time they have provided such excellent service to me, first class

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    Can't remember ever buying anything from Tim Hannam, but Tim used to book days stalking with me for his clients back in the 1980s, a true gentleman to deal with.

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    i believe he is not in the country anymore..

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    He lives in the Philipines now. What was 'Tim Hannam' and jointly owned / run by him and his former wife Pat is now Hannams Reloading Limited owned by Pat Hannam who is also the MD. As the name suggests, Hannams concentrates on handloading gear and components. Hannams is the UK importer of Lyman tools and accessories, Forster tools, Viht powders and Lapua components as well as sharing the role for Hornady, Lee, Berger Bullets. There is other stuff too - ammunition, gun cleaning accessories, targets and suchlike from Pro-Shot and Birchwood Casey.

    A great outfit which gives very good service and holds huge stocks. Very knowledgeable employees too.

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    never been there and felt I was not getting the best service possible .

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    Top Drawer company to deal with , always friendly, always have time to listen and always willing to help with any problems, best of all 10 mins from my door


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