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Thread: Do You really need a bush on the end of the mod

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    Do You really need a bush on the end of the mod

    I've owned both my tika t3, and t8 from new,and being the over barrel mod I've noticed it marks the last few inches where it's tight on the barrel.

    This hasn't in all the years I've owned both affected accuracy in any way.
    Is there any real need for a rear bush between the mod and barrel?
    If there is,who can make them or take off a few thou.

    Even without the bush it fits real snug,but I don't know what sort of movement there might be.

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    There has been previous discussion on this, some people use tape to protect the barrel, some discard the bush. I'm a little concerned that there doesn't seem to be much barrel left on a 308 if cut to 1/2x20 so a bit of support seems tempting but my one mod is used on different rifles and the bush is pretty loose on them all.

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    Anyone who supplies T8's can supply you with a bush, they cost pennies. Best to cut the hole on a lathe

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    Personally I think more to avoid scratching the barrel when sliding the mod on than anything else.

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    Problem is, most of these bushes are quite hard plastic. I was going to try flourosint (glass filled PTFE) as a bush because it is quite soft but durable, snag is the cost of the material. Or some soft Polyurethane, but I would have to grind the threads, which isn't straightforward.......

    Bit more thinking about.......

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    what about delrin? polyexamethaline smooth as silk hard wearing ,?or acetal rod from plastocks uk heat/cold resistant
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    I'm running a Hardy mod without a rear bush on the 6.5. Can't say I have noticed any issues at all. Run a T8 on the 6mm with a bush and it has marked the barrel as you say. I don't think the bushes are there for structural integrity, just to stop any gasses blowing back at you, but have not has a problem with that on the Hardy.
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    [QUOTE=gelert;922734]Is there any real need for a rear bush between the mod and barrel?

    Only if your user name is Cadex!


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    I do not use a bush on my A-Tech Maxim. No problems experienced to date.
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    I bought a Lawrence Precision mod in the recent clear-out / sale and hadn't considered the bush but Simon emailed after it had been sent and was adamant I had the bush cut to a fairly specific diameter around the barrel.
    Not knowing much about it, I asked it was strictly necessary and he replied that I risked damaging both the mod and the barrel by not doing it.
    I am not sure if this is unique to his moderators but I had it done anyway (at no cost, on a lathe, by a friendly gunsmith). Took a few minutes and feels / looks more 'snug'.

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