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Thread: Stalking Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire Area

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    Stalking Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire Area

    Hi All,

    I was Just wondering if anyone can share knowledge of any reasonably priced stalking opportunities in these areas,

    I spend a lot of time and money traveling to Scotland for my stalking several times a year, this takes quite a bit of planning and to make it worth while i need 3 or 4 days off work, it would be nice to have somewhere local to visit that i could just have a day stalking now and then at the weekend without having take several days off.


    Deer Stalker

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    hi mate give john a shout he is on the site or you can get him at www.yorkshireroestalking. great bloke will work his socks off to get you on deer and his prices are good which helps


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    I agree, John is the man.


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    I can highly recommend Mr John Robson of Yorkshire deer stalking. I have stalked with him on numerous occasions and have never been disapointed. FM.

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    You pick the wrong place to live if you want local stalking, There are a few fallow about but getting access to them in very difficult, I know that there are roe deer about Ju 29 of the M1 and Ju 25 but not in big enough numbers to stalk. I have seen Munjac near Mansfield. I moved to Scotland to be near my stalking, however I know somebody that could help you that has stalking in north Derbyshire, it is brought by the day and accompanied, PM me if you are interested.



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    We were trying to keep that one quiet. A farmer friend of mine owns some land around the M1 in Derbyshire and is dogged by poachers and dog men. He is doing his best to nurture the Roe that are there, but the word seems to be out. Were trying trying to keep it hush, hush in the hope of building up the numbers. Can you remove the location on your last post, every little helps.

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    North yorkshire/sometimes down south and occasionally further north
    Why remove a post that is only being informative??? it suspected that people on this site are going to flock to those areas and wipe out the deer population???

    The dog men and poachers know about the deer there will many other people, So being all ' secret society' about them will not help their numbers build up!!!

    There are deer in allsorts of different places in the Notts/derbys area and in varying locations throughout the whole of Yorkshire, and poachers and dog men no doubt have had a stab at them too!
    I have one friend who manages a wild fallow population in notts, I know the chap Thar is referring to aswell, i have another friend who manages roe for a farmer near Doncaster, i know of a wild population of Reds not far from Doncaster, The list goes on.........
    You only have to look at mammal society or BDS population articles to find where deer populations have been recorded.

    This site is here for stalkers and deer enthusiasts.........all information and help is well recieved and well given by a great bunch of folk!.......

    In answer to the original thar.........or contact John Robbo............they will sort you some good stalking.



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    Hi Sako Hunter

    Sounds like the word is out if you are already being hit by poachers and it is a bit late to try and keep it hush hush. One problem you face is that the deer can be seen on occasion from the motorway, so a lot of people will know there location. I would not like to think that any of my posts aid any illegal practices but my view is that the site is a place for all us stalkers and deer enthusiast to share knowledge and experiences, the spread of deer into new areas is of interest to a lot of us.

    While I appreciate your concerns perhaps naively I do not share them, if Admin take another view, fine I would respect that.

    I wish you all the best in your attempts to build up there numbers.



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    North yorkshire/sometimes down south and occasionally further north

    So politely and sternly put!....well done


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    Gents, point taken.

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