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Thread: Sako .22 finnfire2

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    Sako .22 finnfire2

    Hi has anyone got 1 of these? I just wondered what people think of them and how they compare to an anschutz and cz

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    I used a finnfire varmint extensively last year to shoot well over a thousand rabbits. I sold it to a friend and bought a new Anschutz thumbhole and it was a huge mistake! The Sako was in a different league regarding accuracy and before anyone says anything I tried every subsonic ammo under the sun! If you can find a good one buy it!

    Sorry I have just read your post again, mine was the original Finnfire (the best version) the new one is just a quad without the removable barrel.

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    My dad has an old anschutz and it is spot on. A mate has a mk1 finnfire and its good. I have a cz and it in my opinion aint great or maybe i just dont get on with it. I just need to decide what to do. Either change it or have it checked and/or customised.

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    Anyone got a finnfire 2? What do you think of it?

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    Dont own one but Have had a little play with one when they came out
    was a little disappointed that they just rejigger the quad
    i have two quads so am not against them but it is marketed as a higher end version and the price matches that

    in practice it carries retry much the same action as the quad
    the same stock as the quad hunter
    I don't see any significant upgrade.....and you can't switch barrels!

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    Same here played with one 2 weeks ago, very disappointed just a quad dressed in a hyped price tag, got a quad n 2 barrels too

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    Are the quad not that great?

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    Have got a Quad Synthetic in .22wmr - no complaints, accurate, reliable and hits hard at 100m - well made and affordable - like every other Sako.

    The Finnfire 2 is very much a Quad without the barrel change - decent enough wood on them and perfectly good enough if you don't want multi RF calibers on one chassis.

    Having said that, if you can find a decent 2nd hand original Finnfire, I'd have one of those over the new one - classic rifle and good investment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dan71 View Post
    Are the quad not that great?
    I love mine
    have 5 barrels and two actions/stocks
    .22 can be fussy on ammo choice with unfired extraction, easily solved

    Otherwise very accurate, ragged holes
    metal components are very well made
    wood stock is much better than any cz, Annie, etc
    aftermarket components are a bling addition

    cant complain personally

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    What caliber barrels do you have and how does it work on your ticket?

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