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Thread: Hunting Traditions

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    Hunting Traditions

    How far back do hunting traditions go in the UK? In 1930's Germany, Hermann Goering established the Prussian traditions as the standard for all of Germany and those have pretty much remained the same since then. The traditions cover clothing, ceremonies, and even the language (Jagdsprache). Is it the same in the Uk?


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    I suppose that depends on how you define "hunting"?

    For example, hunting foxes with hounds, horses and all the palaver that goes with the "traditional" hunt, is relatively recent, as is driven game shooting.

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    When i shoot bucks i always show respect... put the last feast in its mouth and thank it for the privilege to shoot...never bother with the does etc. Also blooding when a shooter takes his first deer .as i did with my son at christmas when he got his first deer..
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    Quote Originally Posted by exmarksman9870 View Post
    When i shoot bucks i always show respect... put the last feast in its mouth and thank it for the privilege to shoot...never bother with the does etc. Also blooding when a shooter takes his first deer .as i did with my son at christmas when he got his first deer..
    The last feed is more a European tradition than a UK one.

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    The earliest known attempt to hunt a fox with hounds was in Norfolk in 1534 where farmers began chasing foxes down with their dogs for the purpose of pest control. The first use of packs specifically trained to hunt foxes was in the late 1600s, with the oldest fox hunt probably being the Bilsdale in Yorkshire.

    It was in the third quarter of the 19th century that driven (battue) pheasant established itself. The traditional British method was to walk-up over setters or pointers or to flush birds from cover with spaniels. The battue was first popularised by the Prince Consort Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in the 1840s and taken up by his wayward but trend-setting son, Edward Albert (notably at Sandringham). The early form had been to walk in line with the beaters through a prepared wood, which was typically netted to the sides and back. Later post 1860 guns and beaters were split into different parties along modern lines.

    Since Norman times deer have been hunted for both sport and as a source of meat. Historically all deer and other game belonged to the king and the right to kill or take a deer remained the exclusive preserve the king through 'Forest Law'. Packs of hounds known as stag hounds and buck hounds were used to pursue and take down deer. Flusing deer to areas where they could be killed using bows and crossbows was also commonly practiced, particularly during Elizabethan times.

    There you go a potted history

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    Showing my roots bogtrotter :-)
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    Driven shooting- some times a drink before first drive ,drink(often sloe gin or similar) after 2 or three drives and at end of day a tip to the keeper -if you are old school very discreetly in palm of hand when thanking him/her for their efforts - even if you haven't shot anything all day. Always cash and never ask him if he will take a cheque as some on did at a shoot I was on! Then as far as I am concerned a cup of tea. I like to look at the bag and all ways take a brace of birds - I think its rude not to. These are simple traditions that have been part of driven shooting for years and years.
    When I am stalking I always say a quiet thank you to the hunting gods and take a moment to admire the beast before the Gralloch. Then if I am a guest or paying for stalking get in and help drag again I think its only polite and honours what you have shot.. Then a cup of tea. Nothing tastes finer than a flask of tea after a hard stalk. In the evening write up the records and stalking diary ideally with a glass of something nice.

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    A German forestry official (Herr Walter Frevert who also is known for developing a hunting knife called the Waidblatt made by Puma) had been working on re writing the national jagdgesetz (hunting laws) since the 1920s The nazis rose to power in 1933 and goering being a hunting fanatic was designated to be the signer of the document into law but the rules pre date the nazis and are pretty commonsense stuff so dont blame hitler for them.
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    Not talking about Scottish stalking traditions, but UK stalking traditions are still in the making. When i started stalking ,hunting ,killing deer call it what you will deer were still look at as vermin. So if any, our traditions are picked from the various European tradition.

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    It would depend wot u call hunting? Generally in uk hunting means with fox hounds/beagles and u then have stalking for deer or various types of shooting for birds.

    I would of said ur hunting with hound traditions will be the oldest in UK (althou a lot of the original hound/dog sports will be banned now), modern driven game shooting really only started with the invention of breechloading guns .
    Stalking (lowland esp roe and non native sp)will probably be the most recent branch (apart from ur classic old fashioned hill red stag stalking for the landed gentry) its only really the past 40ishyears its really taken off with the change in laws etc, round my area most roe deer were effectively treated as pests and shot with shotguns on vermin days.

    Must admit i'm not really aware of that many traditions, with either stalking or shooting other than showing some respect for the quarry

    Jagare's pretty much said wot i was meaning

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