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Thread: CZ 452 American or Varmint?

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    CZ 452 American or Varmint?

    I have decided to buy a CZ 452 16" barrel .17hmr rifle but I am struggling to decide between the standard American model or the heavier barrelled Varmint.

    I intend to use the rifle for a mixture of shooting from my vehicle, walking hedgerows and layed up shooting. I will in time for a bipod. I will it use it for target shooting and will not put too many rounds through it.

    Although I have held both models, I haven't been able to hold both at the same time and so I am struggling to compare the weights. Is the varmint version ALOT heavier than the American and would you notice it after a days walking around?

    What are people's experiences and opinions of these two rifles?


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    mine is the 452 american varmint barrel 16inch ,i think you might be getting confused with the heavy barrel 455 thumbhole ,or the differences in normal sporting/heavy varmint barrels in other c/f rifles ,have a look at this Attachment 52822i got shut of my 455 because it was heavier and more clumsy this ones brilliant

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    I have the 452 American, other than fitting a Rimfire Magic trigger kit I cannot fault it, cracking little rifle.


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    For your kind of shooting get the 452, only because it's lighter. It's much of a muchness mate, I've had both no difference apart from weight. Both cracking rifles in 22 and 17 hmr,

    CZ are cracking work horses and accurate out of the box,



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    With 16" barrels how noticeable is the weight differnec between the sporter and varmint barrels, does it significantly shift the weight forward?

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    the 452 american 16 is varmint barrelled same as chris robs /same as mine, my 14 inch annie is just as heavy and thats only a sporter barrel,get one you will love it, atb doug
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    I have a 22 452 and a 17 455 both in Varmint and they are exceptional.

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    I thought the american was a sporter and the varmint is hb version, minebis varmint barrel, its my fave rifle and it will shoot very small group's at 60yds

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