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Thread: CZ557 Sporter bolt action .308

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    CZ557 Sporter bolt action .308

    This is the new rifle from CZ and comes as standard with 20” screw cut barrel in a beech stock. Smooth operating bolt and crisp trigger and would make an ideal stalking rifle. Inspections welcome prior to appointment. Priced new at 650
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    I need to have a look at one of these one day, had been put off by the Beech stock, but you say this is Walnut ?


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    Apologies you are correct it is beech stock and advert has been corrected.

    Northern optics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Optics View Post

    Apologies you are correct it is beech stock and advert has been corrected.

    Northern optics
    Nice looking piece of beech though, something CZ do well.


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    Do you ever have this in in a 6.5x5(

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    We can check with our suppliers about the availability of this caliber and get back to on Monday.

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    Hi jimmy.jim86 i have one in 6.5x55 shoots really well very pleased with it. i think EB have one in stock the bolt release catch is a bit fiddley apart from that it is a good rifle very accurate.

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    Edgar Brother's currently have two in stock in 6.5x55.

    We can do this rifle for 665 delivered to your local RFD free of charge.

    Northern optics

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