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Thread: Recommendations on night vision

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    Recommendations on night vision

    I am looking for NV mainly for .22 rim fire and possibly on .222 cf , I'm looking to spend up to 400 ish, am I better to go photon xt or one of these add on systems that are now widely sold ? I have looked at 2 diy type units but just a mass of hanging wires, battery pack strapped up and spots of super glue holding it all together. I have T20 ir etc already if the quality much difference between these type of units ?

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    If you can stretch to a gen 2 add on and you can use it on any rifle.

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    What makes/model falls in to this category ?

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    Photon xt ...
    they are great ! & IMO you won't get better or the money

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    Will you want to use the .22's during the day too? If so then an add on is the worth serious consideration....unless you can justify a dedicated "night time" rifle. Nitesite range worth a look

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    photon xt is 399 and is neat and compact not like all your homemade nv stuff
    that gets tangled round your neck and feet,
    can use it in daytime dusk and night

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    dont get a yukon photon coz my mate did and then he sold it straight away when he had a go with my pulsar digisight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick.308 View Post
    dont get a yukon photon coz my mate did and then he sold it straight away when he had a go with my pulsar digisight!
    Aren't they 1200 / 1300? A bit over his 400 budget.

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    If I was doing lots of fox control and going out regular i would look at spending more, this is just for odd fox in my chicken pen and few rabbits in paddock

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    Photon will do what you wish at a budget price but they are not good as a spotter. It may be worth considering a spotter first then an NV scope second... Or an add on that will do both such as an Archer. Sadly the Archer is over budget too

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