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Thread: GSP x Wire Haired Visla Pups

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    GSP x Wire Haired Visla Pups

    My brother has a litter of GSP x WHV pups.

    The mother is a GSP, pet but certainly has potential to work, she is black and I think quite small for the breed.

    The father is a WHV, fairly big dog and does work although I haven't seen him in action.

    Only dog pups available, born 1/2/15.

    I will get pics, once they are old enough to look like a dog rather than a mole.

    Ideally, he wants £500 [although I'm sure there will be room for negotiation]
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    Would I be right in thinking they're in Invernesshire may know a lad that's interested from Liverpool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Would I be right in thinking they're in Invernesshire may know a lad that's interested from Liverpool.
    yip, they're 27 miles south of Inverness ( just off the A9)

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    Any update on the dogs? My old lad is getting a bit done.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	53880sorry for the delay in posting info, here's some of them.

    Contrary to my previos posts, the pups are NOT docked. They are getting on well and are all strong and lively. The mother GSP is from working stock [although doesn't work] , the father is a working WHV.
    Pups are in and around kids, so are well used to them and are very well cared for!!!!!

    PM me if you are interested

    this pic was taken last week, they are approx 5wks now
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    Any shots of the parents?

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    I'd love to see how these turn out, if only the wife would let me have another! Good luck with them they look fantastic!

    Alba gu brąth
    Blaser R8 Professional Success 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Sorry, for not getting back to you all.

    All the pups are away, to good homes.

    thanks for all the interest

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    What a lovely looking litter. And I bet a great working cross.

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