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Thread: Shotgun licence refused,

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    Shotgun licence refused,

    Hi Folks thanks for all your input, but on reflection without all the facts maybe this is not the place discuss this issue. cheers Geoff
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    Once a villain, always a villain perhaps?
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    If he can prove that he has indeed turned his life around and would like to take up shooting then he should consult a lawyer with a view to submitting an appeal to the court.
    At the moment the very fact that he has been refused the grant of a SGC could be quite limiting in some ways. For instance he would not be granted membership of a rifle club should he apply for such, and also if he were wishing to use the estate rifle exemption to go stalking with a friend or a professional stalker and they knew of it it could put them in a very awkward position.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Tough, the fact he did a term in prison shows it wasn't for smoking cannabis once at a party, it may well be in his past and he's turned his life around but he made the choice.

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    Sounds like he was a drug dealer so good decision in my oponion. He has had to have Class A to do three years behind bars so he is not exactly a kid caught peeing in a shop doorway?

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    I'm not one to judge another and I'm not sure this thread is designed for us to cast our uninformed opinion on someone else's past. I would expect any application to be difficult. Is it a three or five years prison conviction that completely rules you out. Or am I making it up

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    under section 21 if you do more than 3 years in jail you are prohibited for life from gun ownership

    if you serve 3 months you are prohibited for a period of 5 years

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    He's probably now a tax avoider then if raking it in.

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    Flip it around and imagine the headlines if somebody with a previous conviction were to go on the rampage with a legally-held shotgun/firearm. Not saying that's the case with this chap, but it's far easier for the Police to issue a blanket ban than to assess each individual with the risk of huge consequences if their assessment proves wrong.
    Better safe thab sorry is, in my opinion, the correct attitude to have here.
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    If the individual concerned was indeed sentenced to three years imprisonment, then he is prohibited for life. In which case the police cannot grant a certificate.
    There is a right of appeal to have the prohibition removed and the police would be invited to be represented. In both such cases I experienced, the police were asked whether there was any objection. In both cases, there was no objection and the Court lifted the prohibition, one of which was five years and the other life.

    There is rightly room for rehabilitation of those who have genuinely changed their ways.

    If the individual was sentenced to three months but less than three years, he would have been prohibited for five years from the date of his release.
    If the current application was made more than five years from the date of his release and refused by the police, then the normal route of appeal is available against the decision.

    As others have suggested, he needs to get competent legal advice.
    A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

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