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Thread: 22 mag cartridge belt

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    22 mag cartridge belt

    I was getting sick of grabbing a whole box of ammo every time I went out after (mainly) rabbits so knocked up one of these.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    OK so it's not Ash243 quality but holds the 22wmr cartridges pretty tightly and will do the job. If I get a 22LR I'm sure they'll fit too. The loops are 'laced' through slits in the belt so as the soft leather stretches I can remove a rivet at one end and tighten them. 26 shots may be over kill but I thought it'd look funny with 11 (magazine capacity)!

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    I like it! Looks very Wild West, you should make some kind of criss cross type bandolier next

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    Maybe git' yo' sum o' them cheroots too Blondie!
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    Yer darn tootin!

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    lol, I think that's a thanks guys... Didn't mean it to look western, but I guess they went for what ever was practical, and me too! I don't think RFs go well in a pouch so this was the only option - I wanted something I could grab when heading out and load as I went or needed and this fits the bill

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