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Thread: Micro chip database query

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    Micro chip database query

    Hi guys n gals

    Quick query ....
    I've taken on a 2yr old lab from a family member who very kindly gave me & my family her to enjoy.
    Received all paperwork etc including a microchip slip with number and details it's from "pet protect"
    I'd like to transfer owner details to myself but knowing nowt regarding microchipping....
    Is there one database or more? How do I k ow which database as this "petprotect" doesn't seem to have database on its website

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    Hi Paul,

    Sadly no there is no unified database, which annoys the t*ts off me!

    The number you need is 0800 077 8558

    There is a form to fill in too, which can be found here (if the link works)

    They may be able to do it by phone only but they may insist on the form. There is usually a fee to change details as well, as with everything in life now!

    Hope that is of help and if you have any issue give me a shout as we use huge numbers of pet protect microchips and i would like to know.



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    Cheers Hugh
    I'll Try that

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    Hi Hugh
    That link doesn't work , maybe just me or my computer, but I phoned the 0800 number on paperwork I have .
    I didn't need the form, although she had been chipped , the chip had not then been registered with them . So done over the phone ....
    Very quick very efficient & paperwork due out ASAP I'm told .
    Now the phone number answers with an answer phone & only 2 options and is American , the woman who answered was American accent too , but can't complain bout service
    Hope that helps

    Guess a note to say if you get a dog / pet chipped ... Remember you need to register that chip with manufacturer


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    Hi Paul,

    Apologies for that link, it worked off my phone. Yeah Pet Protect are a Canadian company I believe, I have spoken to them a couple of times recently and they seem to be ok. I would ring them in a couple of weeks to confirm it is all registered as we have had a good few chips that seem to have not been done correctly.

    Also it goes without saying if you move or change phone numbers etc, make sure you update it with them, you wouldn't believe how many dead ends we hit as people have not updated their details.



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