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Thread: Rcbs uni flow powder thrower

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    Rcbs uni flow powder thrower

    I'm clearing my beam scales and powder throwers since I bought my digital powder thrower

    this RCBS uni flow Is now sat on a shelf collecting dust

    The RCBSUniflowPowder Measure throws consistently accurate charges reload after reload. Powder pours uniformly from measuring cylinder into the brass case.

    Numbered measuring screw is used for reference to find a given charge at a later date. The measuring cylinder has precision ground surfaces and slides into the honed main casting for a precision fit. 50 grain charging capacity. Standard 7/8"-14 thread. Includes a stainless steel bracket to mount onto a press or bench/shelf

    Looking for 70.00 including the stand posted

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    Ill take it please. Ill pm you cheers

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    Sorry jumped the gun. Need to measure at least 54.5.

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    still up for grabs

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