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Thread: Any ideas please

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    Any ideas please

    First deer of the year for me, everything normal in the gralloch except this does anyone now what it is please?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Very hard to see from the pics as they're a tad small. It wouldn't be a localised wound caused by a bullet fragment as a result of your shot, perhaps?
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    Looks like a fragment of the bullet has nicked the spleen?

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    yeah sorry the pic's are a bit small, it was a heart shot at about 20 yards, half the heart was missing and the liver was shredded so my well be. Thanks lads

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    hey, that looks like a nice blood clot/hematoma in the spleen from being nicked by bullet/bone fragments. The spleen is very highly vascularised so bleeds quite fast. and the capsule surrounding it would then keep it in place. did you cut it open? because if it is a huge blood clot that is easy to see then.

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    Inclined to agree that this is trauma.

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