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Thread: Browning a or x bolt

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    Browning a or x bolt

    Just wondering if anyone has or has used one of these and what they thought of them as I'm considering buying one in .223.

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    Hi KG

    I have used my A bolt for 10 years now, would not dream of changeing it except possibly for an X bolt.

    The only thing I have done is remove the varnish and oil finished the stock, personal preference !

    I have just had a thread put on and putting money on one side for a mod.



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    I shoot the A bolt in 30-06 and 22/250. I think they are a cracking gun. Have had to do a small amount of work on the foreends to keep them free floating though. The bolt action is excellent though and much tighter/smoother then other guns I looked at for the same money

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    We bought an Xbolt in 243 with a North Star mod in July at the CLA. The rifle is used by my partner who is learning to stalk and has just got her ticket.

    It appears to be a well balanced and also well built rifle. The stock has no flex in it, the action is reasonably smooth and the rotary mag works well. For the money which was I think 750 ish it is to me a good buy, and will give good service.



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    I have an a bolt and it apears to be an excellent rifle (only had it a few weeks). It is accurate, the safety system is good and I like the magazine system. The pull of the trigger is a bit high, but that would be my only complaint.

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    Just to add, the one I'm looking at has a BOSS fitted and is screw cut to 9/16, is there any problems fitting a mod to this with this thread with it being so fine?

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    The A bolt trigger weight can be altered in a few seconds by taking out the screw of the trigger guard which reveals a very small screw that adjusts the pull weight.
    To reduce the weight of pull turn the small screw clockwise but only a tiny amount as it is quite sensitive. Handle with care !!


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    jingzy, pm me !

    kg, I found the Boss as useful as a pocket in a dog.


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    I have an A-bolt in .243, and I must admit that I prefer it to my tikka T3's. I have been very happy with is handling and preformance and really like the duracoat stock and magazine setup.
    The only modification I made was to have the trigger set to 2 1/2 lbs with a Timney kit.


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