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Thread: Aim FT 100

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    Aim FT 100

    Hi all
    want a drag bag that doubles as a shooting mat. Anyone got the Aim FT 100 or similar ? I know Ridgeline do one for around 100 that is more mat than carry bag if you know what I mean, but it doesn't have rucksack style double straps.

    Needs to to hold other kit like alternative bipod, range finder, anemometer, ammo etc.

    The aim FT100 looks great, BUT IS IT WIDE ENOUGH WHEN OPENED OUT?????

    Your thoughts please....
    Howa 1500 varmint 223
    Browning T bolt 22LR
    CZ455 17HMR Remington 12g FAC Hatsan 12g FAC Bettinsoli 12g O/U

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    Dimensions given here FT-100 Dragbag easy enough to mark out on the floor and try out, personally I'd want something a bit longer and wider

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