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Thread: Field roe

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    Field roe

    Just got back from walking the dogs and while we was out we came across 23 roe in two groups 1 group of 7 and 1 group of 16 these groups were within 500 yds of each other only divided by a river which l know they will cross.

    In my opinion these are true field roe as they are resident on the ground and there is not a wood a belt or copse not even a twig or any kind of cover for a considerable distance, l have noticed several deer in areas not noted for deer recently not all l would say would qualify as field roe but certainly in my part of the country (cambs) they are becoming much more common.

    My question is, how common are field roe throughout the country and does anyone notice deer in places not usually known for deer.

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    Hi I live not far from you, I was stalking some new ground at the weekend and there were a group of 17 and another of 23 Roe in the same field. I managed to get close enough to take. as you said not a lot of cover around except for hedges. Paul

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    field roe

    I don't think they are any different except that with the lack of woodland they are having to move into more open ground. I shot my best buck on a piece of really open ground. All they need is ditches and hedges contrary to popular belief. Also at this time of year they are more visible and are likely to be in groups more.


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    this time of the year tends to bring the roe out of the woods and into the fields
    Happens every year the same, food source I suppose

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    I agree, these are no different from woodland roe. It`s the time of year that you are seeing so many together, these are made up of family groups. In a month or twos time the does will start to get more territorial and push out yearlings and other family members as she gets ready to drop this years kid/kids.


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    I was driving home from work this morning & spotted 2 roe casually trotting down the edge of a field & not a wood in sight. A buck & doe & they looked as happy as a pig in s#it

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    on my ground i have 3 family groups that live in the open fields and sleep in the wildlife strips/beetle banks. i have been watching them for a few months and was planning to take a yearling doe this month if one was barran.

    the farmer has just filled up the fields with lambs & ewes, now they have buggered off somewhere else! still on my ground but not really shootable!

    but there are a few bucks that will be pushed around soon enough

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    i hav quite a few roe on my ground with very little woodland at all on one one piece there is just a little copse , most of the time they are sat in the hedgerow bottom , 9 times out of ten they are always in the same place but food is plentifull and the hedges are thickish, so i suppose they don't need much more as they would of gone to other pastures

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    Just east of Edinburgh of A1 you can always see upwards of 20 Roe grazing or lieing up in a series of fields with long stubble - mix of does and bucks.

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    Field Roe

    Morning All, It seems that many of us have so called Field Roe.
    One farm where I have the stalking of about 400 acres in south oxfordshire is all arable with only a few thick hedgerows and there have been three groups of between five and nine, pretty well constantly over the twenty years I have been there.
    Like Swampy, my best buck came from this area. A bronze medal, shot in mid april about ten years ago.

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