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Thread: Rifle slip

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    Rifle slip

    Im struggling too find a decent rifle slip. None i can find will fit my rifle with T8 and bi-pod attached. There just not enough room.

    just need one for going back forth to the car from ny house. So nothing expensive as i dont need it slot.

    what do you suggest? What do you guys use?

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    I have a large zip up fleece lined affair for transport
    usually come in lengths I think mine is 52" off the top of my head
    plenty of room
    plenty of them on eBay or any of the online retailers

    on the hill if I decide to use a moderator (T12) I have a short section of leather with a buckle and corresponding holes to act as an extension for my Brady canvas slip. It is just long enough to extend the sling and means the flap folds over the butt pad about 4" further long than usual

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    Why not just leave the mod' off until you unslip the rifle?
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    I have a cheap polyester slip I bought at Scone. If I'm stalking on the hill, the rifle, moderator and bipod will all fit into the slip. I also have a posh Brady sleeve for transporting a rifle about. I normally leave the house with the bolt, ammunition and moderator in my rucksack and the rifle in the sleeve. I don't assemble the kit until I have arrived at where I'm going to be stalking. When I've finished stalking, I take it all to bits again.



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