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Thread: Used Blaser R93 professional

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    Used Blaser R93 professional

    This rifle is not mine, but is for sale through a mutual friend, calibre is .223, the bolt assembly is brand new, as the previous owner lost the original, mounts (fixed) are present & the barrel is not threaded, 1000.00, I would think that figure might be negoitiable. PM if interested. Steve.
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    I think you could usefully talk to Offroad Gary who seems to run the country's largest rest home for unwanted R93s...

    KevinF -

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    if only i hadnt got bored looking for a 223 and changed the slot for a 22-250!
    send me some pics - one can never have too many blasers!

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    Hi Steve

    Do you know if this is still for sale? I might be interested, but would have to get a variation through first.



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    Ref: Blaser

    Is this still for sale? Any chance of some pictures if it is!?...



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    I've put a deposit on it, just waiting for my variation to come through.

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    Damn, how do I always seem to miss out!!!??

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